Why was ZatikAvan founded?

The earthquake in 1988, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the war altogether caused the difficult situation of socially disadvantaged people in Armenia. Due to the devastated economy of the country, the Armenian state was not able to finance social institutions which all were under governmental supervision.  In order to answer these problems and especially to support former children of different orphanages, the director of Zatik orphanage, Ashot Mnatsakanyan, established Bareshavigh Miabanutyun, a non-governmental charity organization in 1995.

Still there are many grown up orphans in Armenia, for whom it is difficult to integrate into society. They have to struggle with mental, physical and social handicaps; thus these children are at risk. Bareshavigh Miabanutyun provides orphanages, hospitals, boarding schools and helpless people with food, clothes, medical equipment and furniture. In addition, its efforts include individual support for sick and indigent children for their treatment and education.

In 1999 Bareshavigh Miabanutyun founded a small farming village called ZatikAvan. To provide housing, job opportunities and a familiar community for the former orphans in a safe and peaceful environment were the goals of ZatikAvan┬┤s foundation. For the last years the project not only offers support to orphans but to the many homeless and jobless people living in Armenia.

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