Future Vision

The mainly future vision is to create a real village around the farm to provide many people a place for living and working in a familiar atmosphere. Through all the requests of families and individuals, who want to move to the farm, one can see the need of enlarging ZatikAvan. The wish of the people on the farm is, to replace the containers with proper houses. This would be a huge step towards achieving the project´s goal. By raising their living standard, increasing the number of habitants and by creating community rooms, one can built a village where people live together in harmony with animals and nature. In future times ZatikAvan can have extra community buildings such as a kindergarten, a community kitchen, a shop and a church. Not all of the habitants are working on the farm. Although agriculture basically sustains ZatikAvan community, everyone has the chance to work independently in Yerevan. In order to provide another working possibility, we want to establish a bakery connected to ZatikAvan project. This bakery could function not only as a job but also as an educational place for young Armenian women. The bakery products, bread and pastries, could be sold in Yerevan and supply ZatikAvan community.
Being an independent farm, which can finance itself, is an important wish of the habitants. Therefore amplifying farming business and finding other kinds of work possibilities is a basic challenge.