Current Projects

  1. Of capital importance is renovation and isolation of the caravans and the living house. It is our wish to start soon moving more habitants in proper houses to raise their living standard.
  2. Another problem is the heating in ZatikAvan. We are currently trying to find a solution for how we can heat up the container houses, so the families can survive the winter period.
  3. ZatikAvan has now 23 cows and 2 calves, but one dream in the future will be to buy 20 young cows, about 8 months old, to raise them and sell their meat later on. This will bring a profit, from which the farm will be able to pay the animal food for the next winter. As an addition to the agriculture and self-supporting of ZatikAvan we also would like to keep chickens.

    Five caravans and two living houses are providing apartments for the families